Intel Arc a750 GPU price revealed

Intel’s Arc a750 graphics card is here, and it's priced to go against  Nvidia’s RTX 3060 for budget PC gamers.

Intel claims its Arc A750 and A770 Graphic cards will outperform NVIDIA budget range RTX 3060

Intel Arc A750 has 28 Xe cores, 28 ray-tracing units, a 2,050MHz graphics clock, 8GB of memory and up to 512 Gb/s of memory bandwidth.

Intel Arc A750 and A770 Limited Edition are 10.5” long, two slots wide, have 225W TDPs and require two supplemental power connections 8-pin and one 6-pin.

Intel isn’t attempting to take on Nvidia or AMD’s top-end cards. Instead, it’s aiming at the mainstream PC gamers who are looking for graphics cards that are capable of great 1080p or 1440p gaming.

The Arc A750 and A770 have a very similar design, and all that separates them visually is a strip of LEDs that’s only available on the $349 limited edition A770 16GB

Intel’s top-end Arc A770 coming in at $329, But the bigger deal is the Arc A750, which will have 8GB and a starting price of just $289.

Intel’s Arc GPUs really perform best in DirectX 12 or Vulkan titles with resizable BAR enabled. Most modern games support DirectX 12

Intel's Arc graphics cards could seriously disrupt the mid-range of the market.